Dbol 20 (Methandienone)


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Dbol 20 (Methandienone)

Dbol 20 is a fairly potent anabolic steroid, injectable methandienone from Spectrum-Pharma (Europe). Like analogues of the active ingredient of other manufacturing companies, in bodybuilding, it is mainly used in courses of strength and mass gain when the student is faced with the task of achieving a rapid increase in strength and a corresponding increase in muscles.

Description of Dbol 20

Methandienone, the active ingredient of the drug, is one of the first anabolic steroids to appear on the pharmaceutical market. It was first introduced in 1958 under the brand name Dianabol, available in 5 mg tablets, and was intended for medicinal use only. An interesting fact: until the 60s of the twentieth century it was not considered sports doping at all, so it was not forbidden to use it by athletes.

The effect of Dbol 20 is mainly expressed in a rapid build-up of muscle mass, corresponding to an increase in strength indicators, an increase in performance and an anti-catabolic effect. Side effects of the drug include increased appetite, accelerated recovery and strengthening of the skeletal system.

The side effects of Dbol 20 can be androgenic or estrogenic. During the course side effects such as acne, irritability, oily skin, water retention, testicular atrophy, increased blood pressure, gynecomastia and some others are possible.

Note: Injectable methandienone drugs like Dbol 20 (50mg / ml, 10ml) of (Spectrum-Pharma) are not new to the domestic pharmaceutical market, however, not everyone understands the difference between them and steroid tablets (capsules). In short, injections are expected to have higher biological activity. This, apart from the form of release and the method of administration, is their main difference from oral analogues.

Who can you recommend Dbol 20 (the name derives from “Dbol 20”)? Potentially men and women with different levels of experience with sports pharmacology. But it’s not all that simple! To avoid masculinization of the body (increased aggression, increased clitoris, growth of body and facial hair, other symptoms), athletes should adhere to the minimum dosage – 5-25 mg (0.10-0.50 ml ) per day or every 2 days.

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The main use of Dbol 20 for sporting purposes is through long-term combined courses of varying degrees of difficulty. The drug is effectively combined with steroids and peptides of various end effects, from testosterone propionate to growth hormone, which is actively used by trainees.

Next, we will look at two examples of relatively safe and effective combined courses aimed at increasing strength and building muscles:

1. Dbol 20 (50-100mg per day) + testosterone cypionate (choose your brand, 600-800mg per week) for 6-8 weeks. Additional drugs: testosterone propionate (100 mg every 2 days for 2-3 weeks, exit from the course), tamoxifen (20-30 mg per day for 3 weeks, post-cycle therapy).

2.Dbol 20 (50-100mg per day) + testosterone ester blend (choose brand of your choice, 250mg every 3 days) + nandrolone decanoate (choose brand of your choice, 500mg per week) for 8 – 10 weeks … In addition to additional drugs for exit and post-cycle therapy, mesterolone (brand Proviron and others), anastrozole (brand Anastrozolos and others), even hCG (brand Choragon and others) may also be required.

The optimal dosage of Dbol 20 for the athlete is selected individually, but, as a rule, it does not exceed 50-100 mg (1-2 ml) per day or every 2 days. The drug is produced on an oil basis and requires parenteral administration (intramuscular injection).


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