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Stano-lab 20

Brief description of the drug Stano-lab 20

Stano-lab 20 is a highly anabolic steroid with mild androgenic properties. Stano-lab 20 is in demand by all types of athletes who use sports pharmacology to increase strength indicators, burn excess fat, increase endurance and gain high-quality muscle mass.

Stano-lab 20 is produced by a relatively young, but already established company, 7Lab Pharma. The main component of Stano-lab 20 is Stanozolol, which was first produced in 1962 for medical use and has been delighting athletes with the results of its intake for decades. Stano-lab 20 has 320% anabolic and 30% androgenic activity compared to endogenous testosterone.

Stano-lab 20 tablets, in combination with intensive training and a properly balanced diet, allow the athlete to achieve impressive results and, with the correct use of the drug, also heal the body. Stano-lab 20 allows the athlete to increase appetite, endurance and strength, remove excess fat and fluid from the body and give the muscles a more prominent shape. The athlete will be able to feel a surge of strength almost immediately after taking the Stano-lab 20 tablet and will be felt for 8 hours. Due to the not so long duration of action, it is recommended to take the drug regularly throughout the course.

Side effects of the drug Stano-lab 20

It should be noted that the drug can not only have a positive effect on the body in rare cases, and with an incorrectly calculated dosage, side effects can be observed. They manifest themselves in the form of hypertension, increased cholesterol in the body, it should also be borne in mind that Stano-lab 20 oral tablets have a toxic effect on the liver.

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