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Anadrol 50

Greetings to all readers who advocate a healthy lifestyle! Today’s topic will concern the field of pharmacology, or rather the drug Oxymetalon, which has several varieties. Below we will discuss its properties, rules of application, side effects, contraindications, etc., and we will also find out how effectively it accelerates the growth of muscle mass.

What is this drug and what is it for?

Oxymetholone is a popular steroid among athletes that stimulates the production of the hormone erythropoietin and improves the formation of hemoglobin. Simply put, this substance, thanks to its high anabolic properties, allows athletes to quickly gain weight, increase strength and even heal injuries.

Description and a brief history of appearance

The Oxymetalon steroid first saw the world in 1959, when Syntex Pharmaceuticals invented it to treat ailments caused by an imbalanced red blood cell (oxygen-carrying cells). It is synthetic by nature and has many different names: Oxydex, Anapolon, A 50, etc.

Terms of sale

Anadrol (Oxymetalone itself) is considered an absolutely approved drug and is most often sold in pill form. It has many names and different manufacturers, so purchasing is easier to make by ordering through a business or the Internet. This does not require any prescription, but before the course it is necessary to properly study the instructions for use in order to achieve the maximum effect and reduce the likelihood of side effects.

How does it affect the body?

The steroid profile of this drug is no different from its analogues (Turinabol, Winstrol, Deca, etc.) and has a greater effect on the musculoskeletal system. In addition, it speeds up all metabolic processes, thereby increasing the effectiveness of training. Simply put, the muscles receive the same load but recover faster and the risk of injury is reduced. This will allow you to achieve rapid weight gain.

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

Anapolon is a strongly anabolic, that is, the substance that improves metabolism and also accelerates the formation of new cells, the synthesis of hemoglobin and activates bleeding.

  1. First of all, this drug creates favorable conditions for the reproduction of collagen, which makes the musculoskeletal tissue more elastic and, consequently, allows it to withstand greater loads.
  2. Along with an increase in body weight, Anapolon activates other systems that increase the level of water and fat, such as nutrients in the body, which is also taken into account in actual weight.
  3. When taken by women, Anadrol 50 has an effect on the production of the hormones estrogen and progesterone, which affect the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and sexual development and, consequently, can cause abnormalities in the functioning of the body.

Another feature of such boosters is systematic, that is, the use of the course. For this reason, it is extremely difficult to maintain the results (weight, strength, etc.) after the end of the course, and a sharp drop is also possible when changing the drug of the pharmacology or diet.

Release form

True Oxymetholone is only produced in two forms: 50mg tablets and injections. Unlike the latter, the former is the most common and is often sold on websites or in sports nutrition stores. The approximate price of such a drug varies depending on the size of the package. It is unrealistic to find it in vials as they are produced in small quantities only for those who cannot take pills for any reason.


If we talk about anabolic substances, it is important to take into account the active ability. It manifests itself with Oxymetalon, which is of synthetic origin. That is, its molecule in the preparation is the main active element that affects the mass. All others are considered auxiliary and necessary for assimilation. Simply put, Oxymethalon is both the name of the drug and the substance it is made of.

Benefit and harm

By specifying the positive characteristics of anabolic steroids and their disadvantages, it can be concluded that they are the same as other similar substances. Among the advantages, the following stand out.

  • Good relief from the body in a couple of months.
  • Increased strength and reduced risk of injury.
  • Fast recovery after exercise.
  • Acceleration of metabolic processes.

Against the background of these significant advantages, there are also disadvantages that already affect the state of health.

  • The main drawback is the violation of testosterone production in a natural way.
  • Imbalance in metabolic processes.
  • The ability to roll back (rapid weight loss at the end of the reception).

Oxymetholone is considered a good drug in terms of rapid physical development, but in parallel with it, many processes in the body proceed at an accelerated rate, thereby disrupting the natural balance. That is, it has significant advantages and disadvantages that are opposite to each other.

Indications and contraindications

In some cases, it is even useful to take this drug, as it was originally invented as a drug. It is prescribed for patients with anemia and is also used in radiotherapy. Thanks to its properties, Oxymetalone provides a quick recovery and return to the old life. But with the wrong approach, you can cause colossal damage to the body.

For example, the presence of kidney problems categorically prohibits the use of drugs, as they greatly load the excretory system. Also, this steroid is not recommended for athletes with low blood pressure and liver disorders, and even more so for pregnant women. In general, if we can rightly assume that anabolic steroids are the least harmful to a healthy and resilient body.

Possible side effects

After taking Oxymetalone, third party symptoms may occur.

  • The most significant negative effect is on the liver since it is a natural filter and passes all foreign substances through itself.
  • The manifestation of male character traits in women (rough voice, raised body, bulging veins, etc.).
  • Muscle spasms (convulsions).
  • Feeling sick, chills, abdominal pain, digestive problems – these signs can be expressed individually.
  • Skin diseases.

Anadrol is strictly forbidden to take during pregnancy, even if the period is only a couple of weeks. In such circumstances, it is better to completely give up diets and unnecessary stress, but on the contrary, rest more and eat healthy vitamin foods.


If you do not observe the dose of the drug while taking it, you will not go down with a slight indisposition. Overdose will cause severe disruptions.

  • Obesity is an increase in body fat.
  • Breast enlargement (in men).
  • In some cases, a simple ailment (fever, abdominal pain, etc.).
  • Hypertension.
  • Prostatitis, hair loss and nervousness.

Such syndromes often appear in those who take Oxymethalone, neglecting the correct dose.

How long does the package last?

To say how long a pack of this steroid will last, you need to take into account the size of the pack itself. On sale, these are found more often.

  • 20 pieces – enough for 3 weeks.
  • 60 pieces – enough for the whole course (6-7 weeks).
  • 100pcs: One pack is designed for 3 months and 1 week.

The manufacturer indicates these time intervals, referring to administration alone with a standard dose (1 tablet per day). The photos of the packages are presented below.

Storage conditions

Oxymetalon is recommended to be stored in the same place as all other pharmacological agents – in a place protected from moisture and light. It could be a wardrobe or bedside table located away from the water. So the drug will not lose its properties.

Expiration date

The period of action of Anadrol 50 (the same Oxy) will largely depend on the packaging. If it is an injection form (in vials), their duration is generally unlimited. The same can be said for the capsules. But most are produced in blisters or in bubbles. In the first case, the packaging guarantees a reliable seal and therefore a long service life. But in the second, when the tablets are in the external environment, storage must be approached wisely and all conditions must be observed (protection from moisture and light).

As a rule, most steroids retain their properties for many years, as they have a synthetic basis.

How to take it well?

It is necessary to start with the fact that any drug is taken according to the instructions that come with it. Therefore, before using it, it must be studied carefully, even if in a foreign language. As for Oxymetalone, it is calculated based on body weight and is used in 50 milligram bodybuilding tablets. Increasing the dose will not give any results, it will only harm the body.

Method of administration and dosage

As mentioned above, for an adult athlete, 0.05 g of the drug per day (1 tablet) is enough. This will be enough to speed up metabolic processes and strengthen the musculoskeletal system. The time of intake does not particularly affect the result, so it can be consumed before or after meals.

Increased dosages are intended only for the treatment of diseases and are not used in the field of sports.

Duration of the course

Any steroid, regardless of dosage, is taken for a certain period of time, called a “course”. In the case of Anadrol, it lasts for a month and a half or 6 weeks. That is, for 45 days, the athlete should take one tablet (50 mg) every day, combining this with a balanced diet and powerful training.

Reception schemes

It is recommended to use Oxymethalon in sports only during periods of hard training. The course can be isolated or combined with other drugs. This is due to the fact that it improves metabolic processes, but weakly affects the glands responsible for the production of androgens (sex hormones), causing their deficiency. Therefore, to enhance the effect, hormones can be replenished from the outside, by combining the reception of Oxymetalone with other means.

How long does it take to act

If we talk about internal sensations, then they can be heard already in the first week (an increase of 1-2 kg). As a rule, pain in the joints is significantly reduced and strength is added. Muscles feel full and recover much faster.

An externally tangible result will appear after 14 days when approximately half of the course has passed. But for the maximum effect (8-10 kg of mass), the intake should be complete (all 6 weeks). For experimental purposes, take a picture of yourself before and after the dose and see the difference.

What is it combined with?

Oxymetholone is most often combined with drugs that activate the sex glands that produce hormones or already contain them in the composition. A great companion is testosterone enanthate, the dosage of which should be around 40 mg / day, or another agent that increases the level of sex hormones. To better understand the action of Anapolon, you can watch a video that tells about this drug.

After the course therapy

To restore the previous working capacity of the body, after taking the course, it is necessary to perform PCT. The essence of the process lies in the use of a drug (for example, Clomiphene), which stimulates the natural release of sex hormones and the restoration of metabolism. It is best to start therapy one week after using Oxymetalone and continue for 14 days. It is quite possible to find PCT medications in a drugstore. Typically, the standard dose is two tablets for the first week (morning and evening) and one for the second week (morning only).

How not to buy a fake?

To buy an original drug, you need to contact the official manufacturers. They are.

  • The British Dispensary – the well-known Androlic is released.
  • Golden Dragon Pharmaceuticals – Manufactured by Oxiged 50.
  • Olymp Labs is a Turkish Oxymetalon.

When shopping online, try reading site visitor reviews and product ratings.

Also, if you carefully observe the instructions, it must contain the manufacturer’s contact details, including the phone. If you wish, you can also call him and find out if this product is supplied to the retailer.

What should the packaging be?

For 2018, the manufacturer of this drug uses two types of packaging: foil-sealed jars and ordinary blisters. It should be borne in mind that products containing Oxymetalone have many different names: Anadrol, Anadrolon, Oxydrolone, etc. But they are all identical and differ only in manufacturer and design.

Fake and original what’s the difference?

It is impossible to distinguish the fakes from the original with the naked eye. The first thing you should pay attention to is the certificate. If it is available, it indicates compliance with the declared quality of the product. Therefore, in the absence of this purchase document, one cannot even speak.

They often save on fakes, so you can find flaws with just a cursory review. It can be blurry letters in the instructions, poorly glued labels, defects on the packaging, etc.

Feedback from the host

Before and after the results

Oxymethanol has proven effective in the pharmaceutical market as it has many benefits and is the most suitable option for both novice and experienced athletes. It begins to act immediately and in a period of six weeks it is quite possible to gain 8 kg. At the same time, there are no serious complications at the end of the course.

What do doctors and researchers say?

So far, few people approve of using boosters in general, as they alter the body’s natural functioning. However, doctors say that Oxymetholone, compared to other anabolic steroids, has many advantages. One of them is performance. That is, the body responds very quickly to the content of this substance.

While there are few disastrous consequences according to the statistics, no one is immune to them. The decision on the use of the drug is made by each one for himself.


Among the analogues of Oxymetalone, the following can be distinguished.

  • Anadrol and Anadrol 50.
  • Oxandrolone.
  • Anabol.
  • Chitosan.
  • If we talk about drugs with a similar action, we can consider Sustanon, Methane and Methyltestosterone.


Oxymethanol is a naturally used synthetic steroid that has legal status and has many different names. According to experienced athletes, it actually increases body mass and accompanies the acquisition of strength, and its relatively low cost makes it more affordable. However, like all anabolic steroids, it has its side effects, which most often occur in people with a weak body. Therefore, it can only be safely taken by physically healthy people who do not have kidney and liver problems.

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