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Anapolon is an anabolic steroid developed in the 1960s for the treatment of osteoporosis and anemia. Due to its rather high anabolic activity, the drug has gained popularity in bodybuilding. At the moment, the drug is still used both in medicine and in sports.

Product features

Anapolon has the following parameters:

The principle of action is highly toxic to the liver, therefore the dosage regimen must be strictly observed.

After ingestion, oxymetholone passes through the liver and enters the systemic circulation. An increase in the level of testosterone in the blood has a positive effect on anabolic processes. Anapolon retains water in the body which reduces the risk of injury during heavy weight training and also eliminates joint pain.

Effects of use

Among the effects that the drug can achieve are:

  • significant weight gain;
  • greater strength;
  • the decrease in the level of subcutaneous fat;
  • greater resistance.

Anadrol is considered to be one of the most effective oral steroids. The application allows you to get up to 15 kg of mass in 1 cure.

Example loops

Oxymetholone is suitable for both single and combined cycles. Anadrol can be combined with the following drugs: testosterone propionate or enanthate, boldenone, primobolan. Under no circumstances should you combine the remedy with other oral ACs as this will increase the load on the liver?

If the cycle is carried out for the first time, it is recommended to use the drug alone at a dose of 50 mg for 4-6 weeks. After the end of the drug administration, it will be necessary to conduct post-cycle therapy, for example, with the help of tamoxifen.

Side effects

Among the side effects of Anadrol are:

  • liver damage;
  • excessive water retention in the body, resulting in an increase in blood pressure;
  • the development of gynecomastia (extremely rare);
  • acne.

Oxymetholone is characterized by the appearance of a rollback and reduced libido. After your period, you should restore testosterone production as soon as possible with the help of PCT.


Bodybuilders consider Anadrol to be the best steroid if a person’s goal is maximum mass gain. Sports doctors advise to use the drug with caution. Liver enzymes should be checked by testing every 2 weeks. In case of severe pulling pain in the right hypochondrium or impaired liver function, the cycle should be interrupted.

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