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“Masteron” is a steroid introduced in 1970. It has been used medicinally for 20 years to treat breast cancer, but due to its high likelihood of virilization, it is not currently used.

Functions and also features of “Masteron”.

Drostanolone is similar in biological effects to dihydrotestosterone. DHT underwent a structural change when a methyl group was added to the second carbon position. This increases the anabolic character of the drug and also improves the resistance of the hormone to metabolic breakdown in skeletal muscle. Drostanolone propionate is an anabolic steroid with antiestrogenic properties.

In addition to the lack of estrogenic activity, the drug cannot be estrogen in the human body. For these reasons, it has been used to treat breast cancer. The combination of Masteron and Nolvadex is more effective than chemotherapy in treating this cancer.

Due to its antiestrogenic properties, it is popular with bodybuilders. When used correctly, it maintains muscle mass well during drying. Masteron, like other steroids, speeds up metabolism and also increases the rate of lipolysis (the breakdown of fat). The use of this steroid causes an increase in strength and endurance. The main business of this shop is the sale of steroids and other drugs from the field of sports pharmacology, which increases the level of training efficiency.


“Masteron” action.

The effects of Masteron will be clearly visible during the drying period. It is not suitable for gaining muscle mass. It is used by bodybuilders at the end of the course, to break down fat and to keep muscle mass in good shape. Masteron is able to increase various characteristics of athletes without gaining weight. Also, to some extent, it will increase the recovery processes.

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