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Mastever is a steroid with moderate anabolic effects of 88% and androgenic effects of 44% of testosterone. The drug was previously used to treat breast cancer but has been discontinued due to the risk of virilization.

Now you can buy Vermoje Masteron not only for athletes engaged in strength sports, but also for swimmers, athletes, hockey players, football players, for those who need maximum performance.

The active substance of the drug is presented in two modifications of the ether: propionate (dipropionate) and enanthate. The difference between them is only in the time when the effect is achieved after the injection: propionate acts within 1-3 days, and enanthate – within 15 days. In terms of its chemical structure, the steroid is similar to dihydrotestosterone except it has 2-alpha groups.

Therefore, if you want to buy a steroid with a timed effect, but with a reliable and effective result, you can buy Masteron Vermoje in our shop and start working on yourself from tomorrow.

How does the Masteron Vermoje course affect an athlete?

The main property of the steroid is to provide muscle growth at a moderate rate. Due to the lack of aromatization in its chemical structure, Masteron is also unable to cause side effects such as edema or gynecomastia. This steroid has the following effect on the athlete’s body:

  • the acquisition of dry, dry body light;
  • preservation of dense muscle mass for a long time;
  • the marked fat burning effect, confirmed by more than one clinical study;
  • growth in strength, potential performance and endurance;
  • suppression of catabolic processes leading to the destruction of the muscle structure;
  • mild diuretic effect;
  • helps you recover from a grueling workout;
  • affects the central nervous system and stimulates the brain to active physical activity;
  • rapidly excreted from the circulatory and urinary tract.

After studying the reviews on Masteron Vermoja, we can conclude that it will be an excellent choice for athletes who are cutting or, in preparation for a competition, help build hard muscles and pronounced relief from the body.

Rules of the combined or solo course Fenilver

The Masteron Vermoje solo course lasts 4 weeks. An athlete should not receive more than 400 mg of the drug each week. Depending on the sporting activity, the dosage of the steroid can vary. For example, strength athletes may inject 300-400mg of Masteron per week, while athletes playing lighter sports may need 200mg.

For men with a total weekly dose of 400 mg, it is recommended to inject 100 mg every other day, for women it is better to inject 100 mg every 5 days.

When implementing a combined course, it is better to combine Masteron with Oxandrolone or Winstrol, this technique will be more effective when cutting. For faster weight gain, you can use it alongside testosterone propionate, boldenone and trenbolone. When combining steroids, do not forget to take drugs that restore hormonal levels, testosterone stimulators, vitamin complexes.

Side effects

Due to the low anabolic index androgenic reactions are possible. Therefore, after taking a steroid, a phenomenon of reduced hair growth, prostatic hypertrophy, increased signs of aggression, virilization may occur.

With proper intake and selection of the optimal dose, the drug is completely harmless to the body.

For women, taking large amounts of Masteron can put you at risk of virilization. Hormonal disturbances, deterioration of skin condition and the appearance of facial hair can also occur.


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