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The pharmacological drug oxaver, the extensive production of which was founded by the Moldovan pharmaceutical company Vermoji, is rapidly gaining momentum both in the circles of bodybuilding and weightlifting enthusiasts and in the professional environment of athletics enthusiasts. Oxandrolone, which is a slightly modified form of dihydrotestosterone, is considered to be the basic active ingredient of the medicinal oxaver. A chemical replacement of a carbon atom with an oxygen atom has occurred in this molecule. Originally after the implementation of the synthesis process in 1964, anavar oxandrolone has found a scope of its own application as an integral part of the drug treatment of osteoporosis and anemia. Including anavar, it was actively used to restore the body after injuries, bruises and burns.

Oxaver, reviews most of them enthusiastic and enthusiastic, belongs by pharmacological composition to the category of one of the most powerful anabolic steroids. Oxaver, available from our shop specializing in anabolic steroids, inhibits the receptors of the hormone cortisol. The above hormone acts as a provoking factor for the deposition of fat cells and the loss of muscle mass. Based on the above facts, we can conclude that by taking the drug Anavar, Professional reviews and which can be studied in special places, athletes can easily significantly reduce their body fat, while maintaining the previously gained weight. Anavar, what can be bought in our online steroid shop, after placing an order in an easy way for a potential buyer, greatly increases the synthesis of growth hormone, actively promoting the elongation of the bones, bound to the muscles.

Thanks to the skillful reception of anavar, an effective fight is noted in the circle of athletes with excess body fat due to appetite suppression with this drug. In most cases, oxaver is taken in between cycles of many other anabolic steroids. A distinct plus side of Anavera should be called its ability to increase the number of androgen receptors in the athlete’s body. The drug itself is characterized by low androgenic activity and serves as a kind of stimulant for a multiple increase in the athlete’s strength indicators without significant weight changes.

8 hours is the half-life of oxaver. For 10-12 days, the metabolites of the above drug are excreted from the body. Thanks to the reception of anavar, the musculature stably acquires a pronounced venous pattern, a firm and elastic appearance and well-defined relief.

When you buy oxaver, “how to take it correct and without harm to health? “A right and rational question may arise. Experts advise against taking oxaver with food to avoid negative and unpleasant consequences such as nausea and a feeling of heaviness in the stomach. Taking 50-150 mg of oxaver per day, according to experienced athletes. achieve amazing results. Due to the harmlessness of such a drug, women can also use it without fear of negative consequences.It is important to observe the recommended dosage of the drug, which is 20-40 mg. take and the duration of the course of administration .

The daily amount of oxver should be administered three times a day for the same time intervals. Within 5-8 weeks you can take a “solo” course of this drug to achieve incredible muscle relief. A pronounced anabolic effect will be inherent as a result of combined use with other drugs. It is optimal to combine Oxaver with taking Clenbuterol or Stanozol during the cutting period.

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