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Liothyronine (Thyroid Liothyronine T3) is one of the most important thyroid hormones, which has a rather strong fat burning effect on the body due to its ability to accelerate the basal metabolism. It is actively used in cutting cycles to gain high quality lean muscle mass.

When used correctly, Liothyronine thyroid does not cause side effects and can be used in both men and women. Produced by one of the famous pharmaceutical companies “” UNIPHARMA “”, which has earned a good reputation in the market. You can order the drug on our website at any time.

Lyothyronine UNIPHARMA is very effective in any sport where it is important to build muscle mass without accumulating fat and water. The main application is in combined cycles. This drug works equally well with most steroids, peptides, and fat burners. The optimal dosage should always be selected individually, based on the athlete’s gender, age and experience.

The average daily dosage of Liothyronine should not exceed 25-50 mg. The hormone must be taken in one or more doses, mainly in the morning and in the afternoon. The average length of admission to a course is 2 to 6 weeks. It is best to combine the drug with testosterone propionate, clenbuterol or oxandrolone. Before starting the appointment, it is very important to undergo a full medical examination to rule out the presence of contraindications.

Doses from T3:

There are two approaches to dosing T3:

In the first case, the goal is to achieve a constant level of fat burning or to help maintain a body composition close to the personal ideal. However, the dose of T3 can be very low, preferably 12.5 mcg per day, but in some cases up to 25 mcg per day. At a low dose, a thyroid function test generally shows no suppression, even with prolonged use. A moderate decrease in function is sometimes observed at high doses, but the result is much better than when T3 is not taken and the inhibited function is quickly restored after the use of T3 is stopped.

In the second approach, the goal is to achieve a fairly significant increase in fat burning by deliberately suppressing thyroid function. The most preferred dose is around 50 mcg per day, but in some cases it can be increased to 75 mcg per day. It is advisable not to take such doses constantly, but only for a limited period, for example 8-12 weeks, even if there is no specific time frame.


By dividing the T3 dose

Since T3 has a short half-life, split dosing is preferable to a single dose unless the total daily dose is negligible. For example, it is better to take a dose of 12.5 mcg per day once in the morning and a daily dose of 50 mcg per day is better to divide it into three or four servings rather than all at once.


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