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Stanover 10 (Vermodje) is an anabolic steroid, a formulation of stanozolol that is used effectively when cutting. With rare exceptions, it pairs well with other sports pharmacologies – other anabolic steroids and various peptide hormones. The drug is for oral (oral) administration.

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The active ingredient of the tablets is stanozolol. The steroid is a modification of dihydrotestosterone developed for medicine or veterinary medicine, which is distinguished by high anabolic activity and weak androgenic properties: about 320% and 30% of testosterone, respectively. The main advantage is the lack of aromatization (there is no conversion to estrogen).

Like its direct counterparts, Stanover tablets have a whole palette of effects useful for pumping:

  • Promotes muscle growth

(without water retention and fat accumulation);

  • Removes excess moisture;
  • Reduces body fat;
  • Develop stiffness, muscle relief;
  • Increases stamina and reduces fatigue;
  • It leads to an increase in strength indicators.

Therefore, the drug stimulates a range of lean muscle mass. Of course, subject to adjustment of the training program and nutritional plan to complete the activity.

Note: Stanover tablets can suppress the activity of SHBG in the body by increasing the concentration of free testosterone in the blood, which has a positive effect on the effectiveness of most cycles.

The side effect of Stanover is mild and naturally transient if you follow the recommendations for inclusion. But the risk of acne, high blood pressure, headache, pain in large joints or damage to ligaments cannot be completely ruled out. It also has some toxic effects on the liver (moderate dose-dependent hepatotoxicity).

Reviews confirm that Vermodje’s Stanover (10mg / tablet, 25 tablets) is relatively safe for male athletes and women in sports.

How to use?

Stanover in 10 mg tablets are intended for systematic but short-term use:

  • the cycle lasts an average of 5-7 weeks (no more, so as not to cause liver damage).
  • The recommended dosing frequency is daily, consistent with the half-life of stanozolol, which is no more than 9 hours.
  • Effective doses for men start at 20-30 mg / day and go up to 40-50 mg / day, for women a dosage of 5-10 mg / day is allowed.

Examples of cycles for high quality muscle growth:

  • Together with testosterone propionate (100-150 mg every 2 days) and trenbolone acetate (75-100 mg every 2 days).
  • By combining phenylpropionate with testosterone and drostanolone dipropionate (both – 100-200 mg every 2-3 days).


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