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Choriomon 5000iu

Gonadotropin (HCG) Gonadotropin

If you are a bodybuilder who uses or has used AC and are looking for a reliable way to maintain or restore reproductive system health and functions, you may find gonadotropin (human chorionic gonadotropin – hCG) helpful. Since chorionic gonadotropin is able to restore the size and function of the testes, thus allowing the normalization of testosterone function and sperm production by restoring its own production of LH and FSH.

You can buy gonadotropin (HCG) gonadotropin safely and easily in our shop.

Many people who use AC turn to HCG injections. And it really helps many men to restore or strengthen testicular function. It is sold in a lyophilized powder format which is then diluted with water for injection. This formula works as the body’s LH (luteinizing hormone) hormone and increases testosterone levels in the body.

Mechanism of action

The hormone works even though natural LH may be absent (or absent) in the human body. Men tend to rely on hCG to keep their testes functioning while taking steroids, around 500 U of gonadotropin twice a week can stimulate the testes sufficiently to prevent them from atrophying when exposed to steroids. Without hCG, steroid use will lead to testicular atrophy, which, after discontinuation of AS, will lead to a long recovery of their function with simultaneous low testosterone and low fertility (and this leads to depression, bad mood, loss of muscle mass and low level of sexual desire or impotence). Also, this drug is used between courses with AS or when their use is stopped (to help with recovery as part of a complex PCT).

Other people can take this product to promote rapid and sustained weight loss. The injection usually has to be accompanied by a strict diet. There is experimental evidence that dietary intake of chorionic gonadotropin can help maintain muscle mass, thus providing better body composition and faster fat burning thanks to the high testosterone levels.

This drug was created to stimulate ovulation in women and to treat underdevelopment of secondary sexual characteristics in men, as well as to normalize testosterone production in hypogonadotropic hypogonadism, delayed sexual development, etc. In bodybuilding, this drug has an applied function and is involved in maintaining the functionality of the testicles while taking steroids.

In a simple form, the testosterone production scheme looks like this:

  • Gonadoliberin production in the hypothalamus;
  • The effect of gonadoliberin on the pituitary gland and the production of LH and FSH;
  • Release of LH and FSH into the blood and activation of the testicles;
  • testosterone and sperm production by the testes;

When taking steroids, this mechanism stops working, an elevated steroid level signals the hypothalamus and pituitary gland to stop producing GnRH, LH and FSH, thus leaving the testes without the main stimulants of work. In this case, the gonadotropin replaces LH and FSH, allowing the functionality of the testicles to be maintained.

It is important to note that the sensitivity to the effects of LH and FSH (as well as gonadotropin) is affected by a sufficient level of thyroid hormones, if their level is low, no matter how high the level of LH, FSH or hCG administered by the external, the testosterone level will remain low or rise extremely badly.

How is HCG used?

Typically, hCG injections will be more effective in HRT than testosterone injections for maintaining healthy sperm production and testicle size. Testosterone offers benefits, but it also has its drawbacks as it can cause fertility problems and lower fertility rates in men.

Therefore, the purchase of gonadotropin (HCG) gonadotropin will normalize the functioning of the genital glands.

According to most experts, it is best to use hCG on a cycle to ensure that the testes can remain functional and actively respond to the luteinizing hormone after stopping the steroids.

Additionally, this strategy will help keep the testes in the normal range and provide additional testosterone levels as hCG stimulates testosterone production. Those who use HCG to lose weight will need to stay on HCG and a low calorie diet to maximize calorie consumption. Additionally, care should be taken to maintain adequate hydration to avoid dehydration during hCG therapy in order to reduce the risk of unwanted side effects.

How to put hCG?

This hormone is injected under the epidermis (the top layer of the skin) or into the muscles. Those wishing to administer this hormone at home should know how to do it correctly and safely. There are many videos on youtube on how to inject correctly and safely.


HCG should be taken with a steroid cycle of 500 U twice a week, in case of its absence during the course, post-cycle therapy with HCG (according to M. Scully) involves its injections at a dose of 2000 U every other day while taking Clomid or Tamoxifen for 3-4 weeks. For more accurate information, ask our specialists for advice.

Knowledge is your best defense against bad experiences. If you have any questions, get a free consultation from our specialists. You should never take hCG if you have a predisposition to thrombosis (it can increase blood clot formation).


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